The moods on this varied album range from elegant and aristocratic to pompous and theatrical. It is equally suitable for high society magazines, historical subjects, fantasy games and fairy tale films.

Albums suggérés

Album Titre Alt. Durée Compo/Artiste Description Mots-clés
UBM2404 Sculptures
[UBM2404 - 1]
0 02'18 Marwin Farwig This magical composition takes the listener into an idyllic fairytale world. It goes well [...] cinematic, destin, exaltant, déterminé, grand espace [...]
UBM2404 Behind Closed Doors
[UBM2404 - 2]
0 02'43 Marwin Farwig Suspenseful music for contemporary series, dramatic election campaigns and historical [...] cinematic, épique, orchestre cinematic, trailer, aventure [...]
UBM2404 The Masquerade
[UBM2404 - 3]
0 01'54 Marwin Farwig Dramatic sound for the big screen. Suitable for stories of intrigues and dark machinations [...] cinematic, féerique, heroic fantasy, aventure, mystérieux [...]
UBM2404 Possession
[UBM2404 - 4]
0 05'08 Marwin Farwig Romantic track straight out of the fairytale forest. Piano and strings create a magical, [...] cinematic, destin, émouvant, aventure, épique [...]
UBM2404 Praise The Sun
[UBM2404 - 5]
0 02'37 Marwin Farwig Cinematic sound with changing emotions from mysterious to majestic to triumphant. destin, triomphant, changeant, cinematic, déterminé [...]
UBM2404 Bloodlines
[UBM2404 - 6]
0 01'15 Marwin Farwig The messenger rides through night and fog to deliver the important message before sunrise. [...] aventure, cinematic, déterminé, épique, film d'action [...]
UBM2404 Royal Garden
[UBM2404 - 7]
0 03'33 Marwin Farwig This composition for strings and choir sounds elegant and light-footed. émouvant, campagne & jardin, confiant, déterminé, musique néo classique [...]
UBM2404 Fateful Question
[UBM2404 - 8]
0 03'46 Marwin Farwig Epic soundtrack. Mood of optimism, triumph, fateful. With marimba, strings, piano and choir. aventure, cinematic, triomphant, destin, épique [...]
UBM2404 Evil Counsellor
[UBM2404 - 9]
0 01'31 Marwin Farwig Highly dramatic hybrid score for adventure stories and medieval games. épique, cinematic, déterminé, fougueux, orchestre cinematic [...]
UBM2404 Promise
[UBM2404 - 10]
0 04'32 Marwin Farwig Score pour les films d’aventure et heroic fantasy. aventure, cinematic, émouvant, orchestre cinematic, épique [...]
UBM2404 Treasure Hunt
[UBM2404 - 11]
0 03'22 Marwin Farwig A mystical fantasy world shaped by adventures and challenges opens its gates. With choir, [...] cinematic, exaltant, orchestre cinematic, science fiction, aventure [...]
UBM2404 Sparkling Diamonds
[UBM2404 - 12]
0 03'10 Marwin Farwig Light, lively music for scenes of royal gatherings. Flowery, romantic, sparkling. aventure, charmant, cinematic, orchestre cinematic, pétillant [...]
UBM2404 Out Of Thin Air
[UBM2404 - 13]
0 02'30 Marwin Farwig Heavy, fateful sounds for tragic plots. cinematic, drame social, lourd, orchestre cinematic, tragique [...]
UBM2404 Dark Throne
[UBM2404 - 14]
0 05'00 Marwin Farwig A dark secret is gradually coming to light ... intrigues are spun behind thick castle walls. aventure, cinematic, épique, progression, déterminé [...]
UBM2404 Quest For The Queen
[UBM2404 - 15]
0 05'00 Marwin Farwig Mixture of orchestral elements and electronic beat. Dramatic sound for arduous journeys and [...] heroic fantasy, progression, tragique, cinematic, émouvant [...]
UBM2404 Dragon Slayer
[UBM2404 - 16]
0 03'45 Marwin Farwig Spectacular piece with increasing intensity. Dramatic strings, choir and drums. cinematic, obstiné, suspense, aventure, en attente [...]
UBM2404 The Coup
[UBM2404 - 17]
0 03'58 Marwin Farwig Hybrid orchestral score for dramatic scenes. Choir, strings and drums create an atmosphere [...] cinematic, obstiné, orchestre cinematic, trailer, urgent [...]
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