Soul Of An Instrument: Spanish Guitar

Organic, warm and emotive solo spanish guitar with a traditional feel. From the hopeful and romantic to the dark and brooding, a beautiful, characterful collection of atmospheric Latin cues.

Albums suggérés

Album Titre Alt. Durée Compo/Artiste Description Mots-clés
BIB151 Melodía Granaína
[BIB151 - 1]
0 03'11 Jagoba Santos Emotional, dark, sentimental. Brooding, suspenseful classical spanish guitar melodies meander [...] fier, gitans d'Espagne, guitare classique, interrogatif, introspectif [...]
BIB151 Andalucía
[BIB151 - 2]
0 02'51 Jagoba Santos Reflective, heartfelt, sentimental. Suspenseful classical guitar melodies become emotive, and poignant. [...] introspectif, intimiste, déterminé, guitare classique, sentimental [...]
BIB151 Sin Tu Mirar
[BIB151 - 3]
0 02'46 Jagoba Santos Sentimental, warm, evolving. Reflective solo classical guitar meanders in thoughtful phrases, before [...] introspectif, confiant, gitans d'Espagne, guitare classique, mélancolique [...]
BIB151 Fiesta en Sevilla
[BIB151 - 4]
0 02'41 Jagoba Santos Energetic, dynamic, positive. Intro of muted strummed guitar gives way to upbeat melodies, building to [...] confiant, déterminé, gitans d'Espagne, entraînant, guitare classique [...]
BIB151 Reflexión
[BIB151 - 5]
0 02'19 Jagoba Santos Mysterious, atmospheric, sentimental. Suspenseful, reflective melodies weave through hopeful moments, [...] mélancolique, Séville , guitare classique, intimiste, introspectif [...]
BIB151 En La Noche
[BIB151 - 6]
0 02'11 Jagoba Santos Atmospheric, emotive, sentimental. Mysterious introduction meanders reflectively. Melodies drifts [...] guitare classique, intimiste, amour, introspectif, mélancolique [...]
BIB151 Buleria Gitana
[BIB151 - 7]
0 02'23 Jagoba Santos Hopeful, upbeat, celebratory. Dramatic muted acoustic guitar introduction gives way to reflective, warm [...] confiant, déterminé, fier, gai & joyeux, guitare classique [...]
BIB151 Canto De La Serrana
[BIB151 - 8]
0 02'19 Jagoba Santos Dreamy, relaxed, mischievous. Mysterious acoustic guitar strum gives way to enigmatic, reflective [...] mélancolique, introspectif, gitans d'Espagne, guitare classique, intimiste [...]
BIB151 Mantilla
[BIB151 - 9]
0 02'19 Jagoba Santos Positive, uplifting, warm. Delicate, playful acoustic guitar meanders, building in energy and lightness [...] confiant, gitans d'Espagne, déterminé, campagne & jardin, guitare classique [...]
BIB151 Al Atardecer
[BIB151 - 10]
0 02'16 Jagoba Santos Reflective, warm, emotive. Delicate acoustic guitar melodies ebb and flow with a sentimental feel. [...] intimiste, confiant, Séville , paisible, amour [...]
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