Tian Bo, a young composer from China with a Master degree of Microwave Technology, became a professional composer because of his childhood love of music. At the age of 14, he taught himself to play guitar, percussion, piano and other musical instruments, and at the same time began to learn computer music midi composing by self-study and created 3 original music albums during school. After graduation, he began to work full-time in music creation, and took the position of music director in a film and television company in Beijing, China. He has created original soundtracks for the hit series "Detective Samoyeds" and "My Naughty Classmates", which has accumulated more than 10 billion views on the Youku platform, with a cumulative total of over 200 minutes. In these two series, he tried for the first time to combine the innovative Chinese folk music such as Pipa, Guzheng, bamboo flute, etc. with western orchestral music and suspenseful sound effects. The style is novel and iconic. The individual part was published on the platform of Tencent Music Group, which has been played more than 2 million times. In 2021, Tian Bo was invited by the Cezame Music platform to cooperate with the famous trailer music composer Philippe Briand to jointly create original epic Taiko soundtrack album, hoping to create a new musical style.ch

Album Titre Alt. Durée Compo/Artiste Description Mots-clés
CEC8007 A Distant Memory
[CEC8007 - 1]
0 1'30 Tian Bo Nostalgique, flashback, tendre & émouvant. Piano, guzheng, dizi, pipa & cordes. Chine, émouvant, introspectif, confiant, destin, panoramique [...]
CEC8007 Naughty Princess
[CEC8007 - 2]
0 1'15 Tian Bo Animé, changeant, ironique & anachonique. Triangle, taïko, dizi, cordes & guitare [...] cinéma chinois, inquiétant, mystérieux, obstiné, Qing, activité industrielle [...]
CEC8007 Harvest Season
[CEC8007 - 3]
0 3'36 Tian Bo Danse rurale dans l'esprit de la Chine du Sud. Animé but mélancolique. Piano, dizi, [...] piano acoustique, cinéma chinois, ère impériale , Qing, section de cordes, activité industrielle [...]
CEC8007 Legend of Tears
[CEC8007 - 4]
0 1'48 Tian Bo Romance sentimentale. Tendre & émouvant. Piano, guzheng & cordes. piano acoustique, cinéma chinois, délicat, en suspens, paisible, rêveur [...]
CEC8007 Sakura Rain
[CEC8007 - 5]
0 2'30 Tian Bo Japonisant. Délicat, pensif & émouvant. Piano, cordes & flûte ethnique @ 1'00. délicat, émouvant, en suspens, Japon, paisible, piano acoustique [...]
CEC8007 Heartbreak
[CEC8007 - 6]
0 4'18 Tian Bo En suspens, dépouillé & mélancolique. Piano, cordes, pipa & dizi. piano acoustique, cinéma chinois, en suspens, mélancolique, délicat, ère impériale [...]
CEC8007 Forgotten Dynasty
[CEC8007 - 7]
0 1'20 Tian Bo Solennel, confiant & déterminé. Tambour, guzheng, pipa & dizi. cinéma, ère impériale , panoramique, Qing, Sui Tang, atmosphérique [...]
CEC8007 Wild Tribes
[CEC8007 - 8]
0 0'44 Tian Bo Pousuite. Percutant, brutal & menançant. Ensemble de percussions ethniques, guzheng & pipa. Chine, cinéma chinois, ensemble percussions ethniques, épique, géopolitique, aventure [...]
CEC8007 Mists of the Past
[CEC8007 - 9]
0 0'53 Tian Bo Ethéré, triste, mélancolique & pensif. Harpe, dizi, cordes, pipa & piano. cinéma chinois, introspectif, section de cordes, aérien, en suspens, grand espace [...]
CEC8007 Autumn Colors
[CEC8007 - 10]
0 1'06 Tian Bo Emouvant, sentimental & nostalgique. Piano, cordes & rythmique @ 0'25. cinéma chinois, Japon, mélancolique, piano acoustique, série B, aérien [...]
CEC8001 Martial Art Master
[CEC8001 - 1]
0 3'08 Tian Bo Majestueux, martial & solennel. Taïko, dizi (flûte traditionnelle chinoise en bambou) & [...] Chine, kung fu, taiko , aventure, dizi, grand espace [...]
CEC8001 Imminent Danger
[CEC8001 - 2]
0 0'53 Tian Bo Obstiné, tendu & tribal. Taïko, dizi (flûte traditionnelle chinoise) & section de cordes. Chine, dizi, kung fu, taiko , obstiné, guerrier [...]
CEC8001 Eve of Battle
[CEC8001 - 3]
0 1'48 Tian Bo Obstiné, tribal & guerrier. Poursuite. Taïko & flûte dizi @ 1'05. Chine, poursuite, guerrier, taiko , urgent, aventure [...]
CEC8001 Constant Fear
[CEC8001 - 4]
0 2'09 Tian Bo En attente, guerrier & obstiné. Taïko. Poursuite. Chine, Civilisations disparues, guerrier, taiko , kung fu, obstiné [...]
CEC8001 Ancestral Prosperity
[CEC8001 - 5]
0 2'39 Tian Bo Ancestral, panoramique & sauvage. Taïko & flûtes ethniques chinoise. Chine, Civilisations disparues, sauvage, aventure, forêt tropicale, Japon [...]
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